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Cooking For the Family

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Cooking for the Family is a superb collection of recipes by gourmet cook and award-winning cookbook author, Jeroo Mehta, giving you a wide variety of delicious ideas for family meals and party menus. Introduce excitement into your cooking with these practical and easy-to-prepare recipes which will be especially useful for the novice, and the experienced cook looking to widen her repertoire of everyday and party fare!

The recipes range from soups, starters, sauces and salads to Western and Indian-style vegetable, meat, chicken, fish, and egg dishes, dals, rice, and a mouth-watering collection of desserts and cakes. The book includes useful sections with tips on the imaginative use of leftovers, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus for daily meals and special occasions, thus reducing the perennial dilemma of what to cook! 

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Jeroo Mehta

Jeroo Mehta has contributed articles to many leading publications and her recipes have been featured in the famous Time-Life series.

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