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What is Sandhya hiding? If she decides to tell all, will it be a life-changing moment, redefining her relationship with her family forever? A pesky kid sister who carries tales, a bossy older brother who is forever haranguing her to get off the phone, and loving but strict parents who lay down way too many rules – it’s never a dull moment for 14-year-old Sandhya… She has a massive crush on Akshay, the handsome cricket captain of the school next door. She is in the midst of some breathless planning with best friend Asavari for the school social. And to top it all, Sandhya has to decide whether to reveal something she has been hiding from everyone…a secret that will change her life forever… S’s Secret draws the reader into a teenager’s whirlwind world of emotions. The all-too-familiar heartbreaks and joys of growing up – the endless squabbles with siblings, the urge to rebel against rules, the sweetness of friendship, the yearning for peer approval, and above all, the encompassing warmth of family love…

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Shobhaa Dé

Shobhaa Dé is a best selling author and columnist.She has written a number of successful novels.

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