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Baba Amte- A Vision of New India

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Through this book we get a view of Baba Amte’s all-encompassing vision, which he continues to expand, to create a model for resurgent India. He provided both, the mechanism and the motivation for development through a variety of projects and his sole aim continues to be the spread of peace and harmony. This book is one way in which the author conveys his regard for the work done by Baba Amte.


It is also an attempt to reach the sensitive reader who sympathises with these concerns and perhaps wants to participate at his own level. Since Hans Staffner passed away while the third edition was in the process of completion, an appendix has been included, that would help us to get an updated overview.


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Popular Prakashan

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Hans Staffner

He taught theology in Pune for thirty years and later worked in Ahmednagar for upliftment of the lower classes.

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