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The Emergence of Regionalism In Mumbai - History of The Shiv Sena

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The Emergence of Regionalism is an attempt to explore the social matrix within which a regional movement emerged and took shape in Mumbai in the late 1960s. The data presented in the study belies the prevalent thesis of many social scientists and political thinkers that the founding of Shiv Sena was a planned and well organised effort to resist the immigration of non-Marathi people in Mumbai. The data presented amply brings out that the Marathi Manoos in Mumbai had the feeling of being pushed to a secondary status in Mumbai. The feeling was that he, his language, his culture as well as his economic interests should get the primacy in the capital of his own state. The feeling was that his concerns were not being addressed by any of the national parties. This unaddressed sense of being ignored and deprived created a socio-political space for a regional organization.
The Shiv Sena emerged.


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