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Freny J Mehta

Mrs. Freny Mehta took her Master’s Degree from Bombay University with Philosophy and Psychology as her main subjects. Idealism as taught by prof. J.C.P d’Andrade has stamped her thinking. She is a psychoanalyst of 20 years’ standing and has specialized in treating women and children. She has worked and treated young people at the Indian Institute for Mental Health and Human Relations for almost the same period. Mrs. Freny Mehta was chairman of the Indian Council for Mental Health from 1966-1978. As chairman of the council, she initiated and organized film shows with lectures and discussions in schools and colleges, on psychological subjects.

She also arranged Counselling of students for emotional problems that affect the intellect, by specially trained social workers. This work is still being carried on by her colleagues. Mrs. Mehta has frequently addressed college audiences, which have included teacher-trainees and medical graduates going through psychiatric training. She visited England n 1978 and participated in seminars both in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.

She has also addresses meetings of the Bombay Philosophical Society, Psychiatric and Psycho-analytical Conferences and the British Psycho-Analytical Conferences and the British Psycho-Analytical Society’s Group for advancing applied psychoanalysis, and the Bombay Group of Psycho-analysts. With contributions from Richard Wollheim, Roger Money-Kyrle, Donald Winnicott, Julian Huxley, John Bowlby, Michael Polanyi, Ramakant Sinari, J.H.Rey.


Books by Freny J Mehta

The Scientific Consensus and Recent British Philosophy
Dr V N Shrikhande
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